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And the wolves start to sing :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 2 0 Your obedient servant :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 4 0 We're not working out :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 1 0 Ester Montfelle Aesthetic/Collage :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 2 0 Blair Phoenix Aesthetic/collage :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 1 5
Steven Universe OC info- Kyanite
Name: Kyanite
Nickname(s): Kya, commander, deep blue
Age: Unknown, formed on homeworld some time around Amethyst's creation
Gem/Mineral Type: Kyanite
Gender: Genderless
Pronouns: She/her
Appearance: Kyanite is a blue gem that is slightly taller than Pearl. She has shoulder length straight light blue hair, skin a bit darker than her hair and blue eyes. She wears a tailcoat with a risen collar, it's mostly dark blue with stripes of light blue and black at the torso. It has a diamond-shaped button. She wears thigh-high black boots with a diamond at each knee cap, dark grey pants with blue stripes on the side and black gloves. She also has a blue scarf around her neck. Her gemstone is an octagon located on her chest.
Possesses standard gem abilities such as advanced physical abilities, bubbling, fusion, weapon summing etc. 
Sword proficiency- Kyanite is able to summon a katana sword that she uses to fight with
Martial arts- She has the ability to fight using
:icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 1 2
Alex combat sketch :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 3 5 Fight sketch :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 2 3 Sketch - Jerson Defrain :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 4 5 Sketch - Adan Defrain :icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 8 10
Thanksgivings Town?
"Oh, what's this...?"
Jack says, his eyes...well, sockets focused on a door. A brown-ish orange turkey was depicted on it.
"Is that a monster? What could be hidden beyond that door..?". Jack looks back at the other doors, and sees one with a pine tree, decorated in strange, colorful ornaments.
"Meh, maybe some other time"
He opens the door with the Turkey on it and gets sucked in, he swirls around until he falls on a soft and crunchy pile of leaves. Apparently, he was on a hill. He shakes his head and looks around. He finds himself stuck with a stupid grin on his face, there was a small village just below the hill, everything had autumn-like colors, orange, brown and yellow. He runs towards it...he finds it weird, but he was curious. His longing to experience something new is what brought him here, strange is what he wanted!
He sees a big statue of a turkey wearing a pioneer hat in the middle of the town. The people were busy, walking around, always chasing food or making it, their bel
:icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 1 0
Grim Tales:Devil's Fear,part 1, 1 (re-write)
Grim Tales: Devil's Fear, part 1, 1
A cold morning on February 9th. It was 7:30 am and Lord Pain was given...specific instructions on how to wake Minnie and Junior up. He walks through the hallway, finds Minnie's door and knocks. No answer. He opens it quietly and sneaks up on her. She was quietly sleeping and didn't seem to notice him at all. Pain raises his mace and hits the nightstand next to her.
"AGH!", Minnie instantly jumps up, scared and awake. "What the-PAIN!?", Minnie looks at the broken nightstand next to her and glares at him.
Pain takes a step back and stands straight, putting his 'serious face' on. "Well, you see, I was instructed to do this"
"By who!? Who would possibly be so important-"
"Queen Mandy", Pain takes off his glove and reads the words written on his palm in a slightly confused voice.
"She asked me to do this is for your own good. It is keeping you alarmed of your surroundings and is a punishment for sleeping too long", he puts his glo
:icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 3 7
Grim Tales: Devil's Fear, prologue
Grim Tales: Devil's Fear, Prologue
(Hello! I hope you enjoy this Grim Tales from down below AU story. If you want to find out why it's an AU story and how different it is from the original Grim Tales comic, please read the description. Keep in mind that this AU has most things changed in the character's pasts and is a few years after Minnie was put in a ragdoll body. This chapter has a lot of backstory because it is necessary to understand these characters to this point of their life, I try to get it all out of the way now.Enjoy!)
Nocterys. A planet in the universe called "Underworld". The planet is populated by superhumans. People with special magic abilities.
For as long as they have existed, so have monsters. Just like superhumans, monsters come in all forms and have magic abilities. Soulless, these beasts seek nothing but destruction, death and chaos. Thankfully, the people are far from defenseless.
Hunters are seen as the world's greatest warriors by many. Having a strong desire f
:icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 4 13
Grim Tales:Devil's Fear,part 19
Grim Tales, Devil's Fear, part 19 (Enjoy! :) The title is a reference to a song. Guess which one?)
-As I want you to be-
Cat had just come home, she was taking off her ballerina dance outfit and put on normal clothes. Then, her sister knocks on the door, but opens it before getting an answer.
"Hey Cat!", the girl said. She was 17, she had green eyes and long, blond, wavy hair tied in a pony tail.
"You know that's not what knocking is for.."
"Whatever! How was practice?"
"It was good, but the teacher can be so unfair!", Cat complains.
"That sucks. Which reminds me, wasn't Princess Minnie interested in ballet a lot? When she was a kid she used to do lots of shows..."
"I talked to her about that, she said the royal family made her do it. She liked it but not that much so when she was older she quit and found other interests. She told me her favorite sport so far is archery!"
"That's cool. Now come to the kitchen so we can decide what to eat for lunch, dad's cooking!"
"Aaww yeah! His food
:icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 3 0
Grim Tales:Devil's Fear,part 18
Grim Tales: Devil's Fear, part 18
--Forget it--
Alex wakes up. After washing his face, he wears his socks and shoes from last night. "Bad fashion choice, but what can you do? It's not like I'm gonna walk around the castle barefoot".
--Alex's POV--
I opened the door and was surprised. The hallway was huge! So. many. fucking. doors! They were all fancy, royally, castle-lye doors. What do they need all these doors for?
I walked out and closed the door behind me. Then, I walked towards the right, man, that castle was very confusing. So many turns. I saw some maids cleaning up.
"Oh, sir Alex! You must be looking for the Prince and Princess. They're waiting for you at the staircase, do you need help getting there?", one of them asked me.
"No thanks", I leave and try to find the staircase. I'm a hunter, it would be so embarrassing not being able to find goddamn stares. And then, yup, I found them. They were both dressed up for the day.
"Alex! Morning, how are you feeling?", Junior asks me.
:icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 3 10
Grim Tales:Devil's Fear,part 17
Grim Tales: Devil's Fear, part 17 
---Dead end exit---
Alex was reading the letter, as he read further and further his hands begun to shake and he was sweating.
"Dear James,
I want to let you know how I've been doing, if you still care about that.
I'm in another country and I'm going on missions, finding out more things about the Order. Our time will come, and I will be ready.
If you ever find a way to write me back, I've been wondering, how are the kids doing?
I haven't seen Alexander since he was a baby, same with Kim. Our last encounter was interesting and I'm sure Kim is a wonderful child, but we must never let it happen again.
Alexander must be 10 years old now, and Kim must be 3. Perhaps one day I'll meet them.
-Lucinda Floy"
Alex was shaking, he grabs a chair to avoid falling. "What the-..".
All this time, he thought his mother was dead. His father would never talk about her, he just said she died and it was too painful for him to talk about. Alex just knew she was a warrio
:icongrimtalesrachel:GrimtalesRachel 4 9




So..what sounds better? Alistair Castor Wendelton or Wilhelm Castor Valois? It's for an HP OC and I'm worried about Valois since its a very French surname but I like the name Wilhelm a lot XD
Anyone wanna do an HP rp? Please I'm dying over here D:
And the wolves start to sing
Drawing from the song "And the snakes start to sing" by BMTH the lyric wrong
Your obedient servant
A drawing about the song "Your obedient Servant" from Hamilton, where Burr is pissed off at Alexander because he endorsed Jefferson and for other shit Alex has done. The two write letters to each other arguing and it's fucking great.
So..what sounds better? Alistair Castor Wendelton or Wilhelm Castor Valois? It's for an HP OC and I'm worried about Valois since its a very French surname but I like the name Wilhelm a lot XD


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