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Grim Tales: Devil's Fear, part 17 

---Dead end exit---

Alex was reading the letter, as he read further and further his hands begun to shake and he was sweating.

"Dear James,
I want to let you know how I've been doing, if you still care about that.
I'm in another country and I'm going on missions, finding out more things about the Order. Our time will come, and I will be ready.
If you ever find a way to write me back, I've been wondering, how are the kids doing?
I haven't seen Alexander since he was a baby, same with Kim. Our last encounter was interesting and I'm sure Kim is a wonderful child, but we must never let it happen again.
Alexander must be 10 years old now, and Kim must be 3. Perhaps one day I'll meet them.
-Lucinda Floy"
Alex was shaking, he grabs a chair to avoid falling. "What the-..".
All this time, he thought his mother was dead. His father would never talk about her, he just said she died and it was too painful for him to talk about. Alex just knew she was a warrior and she had light powers. He had no idea what her name was, or what her hair and eye color were. He didn't know anything about her personality either. Every time he tried to ask his dad, James would get angry and leave. However, this letter was obviously written years ago. His father was hiding something.
Alex grips the letter tightly, then folds it and puts it in his pocket. He forgets about his jacket and goes downstairs back to the party, thinking about what he should say to his dad. But, he could barely think straight, he was just so shocked, angry and sad. He barges in the room, when Bailee was about to give a speech.
"Ladies and gentlemen, can I have a moment to speak, please?", she asks. Everyone goes quiet. "As you know, I am the niece of Liam Topwell, Bailee Trumps. I'd like to give a speech about the great things my uncle has done, working with my father AND James Deathcrown", everyone claps. "My father and uncle have made many hotels across the country, hotels that have so much thought and work put into them. The great man James Deathcrown has also helped more than just one time with the making of these hotels. His company is amazing and has helped the world so much.They have even given plenty of their earnings away to charity! They have even donated to a rehab clinic, New wings. We are all very glad for that, they deserved the money,why? Well, it's because of their excellent program that so many young addicts are clean and sober, ..-hopefully it will last-One of them is here with us tonight! Alex Deathcrown!", everyone claps again. "Do you want to say a few words?", Bailee says, looking at Alex and tilts her head, smiling. Alex was standing still, trembling. He had no idea what to say and this embarrassment just added to his stress. He felt like his heart was going to pop out of his chest. "Oh, there's nothing to be ashamed of! Our past is what shapes us, why be ashamed of it? Do you find it embarrassing?", Bailee says. Everyone looks at Alex, and they were whispering. Zach couldn't hold it back, he chuckled, so did some other rich teens. Alex could hear his heart beating,it was going faster and faster, the whispers got louder and louder!  There was sweat running down his face and he couldn't even speak. Confusion and fear clouded his mind, then, the room went dark. He loses consciousness and passes out. Bailee walks off the pedestal and she giggles some more with her brother at Alex's misery.

A few minutes later, Alex wakes up, laying on a couch in his father's office, he sits up. "Huh...", he looks around, he was alone. "Why do I have to be myself....all of this sh*t is so confusing...I made a complete fool of myself", Alex thinks as he lays down again. "My life f**king sucks!", he says and hits the couch cushion with his fist. "Why does all of this have to happen? What did I do to deserve being lied to? I was such an idiot to take the dark path...a drunk addict, an alcoholic...great. I can't undo anything I did...". He looks at the table, there was a glass of water and a note on it. He looks at the note.
"I'm sorry that that happened to you. Here is a glass of water, I'll be waiting at the party-Blair". Alex gets up and drinks the glass of water. "You know what? F**k it. F**k being sober!", he shouts. He opens the small refrigerator his dad had in his office and grabs different types of alcoholic drinks. He opens one and starts to drink it fast. "Self-destruction is such a wonderful thing!", he thinks to himself, deep down inside, knowing what he was doing was wrong, but he saw no other way to end his pain. He kept drinking all night, non-stop. He got to the rooftop and looked around. "What a beautiful a horrible world!", he shouts like a madman.
Meanwhile,Blair was at the party. She was looking for Alex. "He still hasn't come back!", she shouts at Zach, but her shouting could only be heard to people close to them because of the loud music. "Relax, he's probably still passed out", Zach replies. "He's Alex Deathcrown! He can't pass out for that long just because of embarassment. Let's go check on him!", Blair drags Zach to the door, when Bailee appears in front of them.
"Oh, what's he matter, Blair? Did Alex's little feelings got hurt? Did he pass out from embarrassment because of who he is and his past?"
Blair grunts and pushes Bailee out of the way. "Your sister is a b**ch!", she tells Zach. "I know, but I'm not much better", he says. The two reach the office, the door was wide open but Alex was not there. "What?", Zach asks, surprised. "Oh no!", Blair worries. She opens the small fridge and sees it was empty. "Oh no, no, no!". Blair runs out of the room and looks for Alex, Zach follows her in confusion.
Alex is standing on the rooftop, on the edge of the building. "Am I insaaneee?I ask myself..ooover and ooover agaiiin~", he sings. Empty bottles on the ground and one in his hand. "whyyy can't we...not...bee..soberr~", he sings, but then, he loses his balance and almost falls. He regains his balance, but drops his bottle. "Woah...that's a mighty long fall...", he whispers to himself as he watches the bottle finally hit the ground and break into many little pieces. Everything around him was spinning. The higher you get, the harder you'll fall, like the bottle...
Then, Blair and Zach burst in. "Alex, stop!", she shouts. He turns and looks at them, barely keeping his balance.
"What do you want?",he says with a sad, tortured and drunk voice.
"Alex, don't be stupid, get down from there before something bad happens", Zach says with a calm voice, but he was extremely nervous on the inside.
"The party's still going, join us!", Blair suggests, hoping that it'll make Alex come down.
"I was at the party...I WAS AT THE DAMN PARTY! And I'm not into it, neither are the people there into me. I was humiliated...this is the last thing I need right now!"
"What will your father say? What will your friends say?", Zach reminds Alex.
"Well if they talk sh*t about me they were never my friends...and about my dad, all I know is what a bad son I am, what an embarrassment and a mistake I am. I'm sure he'll be relieved after this...or try to hide it to maintain his f**king know how rich people are", Alex replies with a calm voice.
"Alex, you're not an embarrassment! You're not a mistake! You make my life so much better, I'm proud you're my friend! So is Minnie and Junior! What would we ever do without you? You're Alex Deathcrown!"
"Hahaha.....yeah, Alex Deathcrown...I'm Alex DEATHCROWN! YOU HEAR ME WORLD!? I'M ALEX F**KING DEATHCROWN!WOO!..heh....IT DOESN'T MATTER!..everyone's just better off without life's a mess"
"That's a lie! You matter! You matter to me and so many people! You're such a strong person for going through the things you did, please, we'll be here for you!", Blair answers.
"Who cares....?", Alex asks.
"I do!", Zach shouts.
"So do I", Blair says as she walks closer to him. "Alex, you're never alone. Minnie cares, Junior cares, even our classmates care, just people you know care, even people who've never met you care! You're a great person, and we won't let you go anywhere. We won't be able to get through that, I won't be able to get through that! We'll always stand together, we have a deep bond that's unbreakable. You're my friend, my brother..there's no way to describe it. Please, don't go", Blair gives her hand to Alex. He hesitates, but takes it. Blair pulls Alex down and they hug each other.
"It's's over's okay", Blair whispers.
"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..", Alex lets go and sits down. He cries, not being able to stop.
"It's okay to cry sometimes, don't feel bad, okay?", tears running down Blair's face.
"Alex, what happened?", Zach asks. Then, Alex pulls out the letter from his pocket and gives it to Blair. She reads it, then looks at Alex in the eyes silently.
"I'm so sorry..", she says, "But, we'll find a way to make things better, okay? That's no reason to give up..."
Alex nods and stops crying.
Then, Minnie and Junior get on the roof, bursting the door open like Zach and Blair.
"ALEX!", they both yell and run towards him.
"We he was on the rooftop, but then, he got off and we were wondering what happened! We were looking all over for you!", Minnie explains.
"Is everything okay?", Junior asks.
"It will be", Alex says.
"Do you want to stay at the castle tonight?", Junior asks him. He nods.
"Then it's settled", Minnie says.
--Later that night--
Junior knocks on the guest room's door. "You done yet?"
"Yeah, come in"
Junior opens the door and sees Alex putting on his shirt.
"Does it fit?", Junior asks.
"Yeah, thanks for lending me some clothes for the night", Alex answers as he folds his suit that he wore at the party. Junior was looking at Alex and leaning against the wall, he had a thoughtful and serious look on his face.
"Are you gonna tell me what happened now?"
Alex sighs and turns around.
"I guess I owe you all an explanation now..I overheard my dad and Liam talking about a letter in dad's office back at the hotel, and I wondered what it could be, why would he be hiding it? My dad's a mysterious man and I got sick of I went into the office and..."
Alex explains what happened.
" sucks, but we'll be here for you. Do you still have the letter?"
"Yeah, I put it inside that drawer", Alex points to a drawer in the room.
"Are you feeling okay?"
"I'm fine, though I have a small headache..."
"You should sleep. Goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow"
Junior leaves the room and Alex goes to sleep. He then knocks on Minnie's door and tells her what Alex told her.
"Wow....that", Minnie says, in total shock.
"I know....God, Bailee's such a b**ch!"
Minnie looks at Junior and smirks.
"I know that look, do you have an idea?"
"We should teach her a her justice"
"Hm...I like where this is going! But...we're hunters"
"And we're supposed to bring justice. We must punish people for their wrong doings, she did something wrong, she must be punished. We're not going to kill her or harm her, just scare her. She doesn't stand a chance"
"You know what? I agree. If she wants to be such a sh**ty person she should face the consequences", Junior smirks.

Later that night, it was raining. Bailee was in her room. She was in her sleepwear and walking towards her bed. The lights were off.
As she was about to hop in her  bed, lightning strikes and she sees the silhouette of a girl at her window.
"Ah!What the-!?"
Lightning strikes again, then she sees the silhouette of a boy in her room. His eyes looked demonic and were glowing an intense green color.
"Who-who are you!?"
"You really shouldn't have messed with you'll pay", Minnie says, walking closer to Bailee.
"Minnie..? It's-it's you and Junior, isn't it!? You f**kers!"
"We're here to teach you a lesson..", Junior continues.
"You've got nothing to teach me,imbeciles! I did nothing wrong! You wanna fight? Bring it on! I'm not afraid of you just because you're hunters!", Bailee shouts.
"Maybe but you will be afraid of us when you see what we can do", Minnie says. With that, she punches Baillee and she falls on the ground. Bailee gets up as fast as she could. "Ow..", then, she runs towards the door, but Junior was in her way. She tries to punch him but he blocks her attack, she tries to kick him but the same thing happens. He punches her, but instead of falling down, this time she manages to push him down and get out of the room. She runs towards the hallway, with Minnie and Junior following her, and takes the family sword that was hanging on the wall. She points her sword to Junior. "You think that's gonna scare us ? You wouldn't even stab me", he says as he walks closer.
"Stay back, freak!", Bailee panicked. Minnie and Junior were enjoying this.
Junior just kept walking towards her, so she swings the sword at him. He puts his arm in front of the sword, it only cut through his skin and some muscle. "You're not very good with swords". She pulls the sword out, "Next time I'll be better, you're scaring me, stay back!"
"Jeez there's no need to freak out so mu-", Junior was cut off by the sword piercing through his stomach. Green blood soaked his black hoodie. It hurt a lot, but he looks at Bailee in the eye without showing any pain.
"Is that the best you can do?"
Bailee pulls out the sword again, she was trembling. "I-I can't believe I did that!". "Calm down, we're not going to kill you..", Minnie tells her. "Well then, I won't let you two freaks get close to me and beat my beautiful face! I have a photoshoot!"
Minnie grabs Bailee's sword by the blade and throws it on the floor, even though she got cuts on her fingers.

After a short physical fight,Minnie and Junior leave Bailee defeated. Of course, they had to hold back on her because she barely knew how to fight and was not experienced like them.
"We weren't too rough, were we?", Minnie asks.
"I don't think so. Let's just go home. WE GOT REVENGE, BABY!"
"Ugh that word is so lame..."
"Shut up, a few years ago you talked like you were stuck in time!"

--End of part 17--
Sooo...yeah. I hope you enjoyed and the last part wasn't too cruel. It was justice ;) 
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MaliceInTheAbyss Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Alex. Bailee deserved a worse punishment. Like, if she has a photoshoot, the needed to write obsenitites on her face with a cursed pen that can't be washed off/ covered with makeup/ or edited out with photoshop.
GrimtalesRachel Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
Hhahahahaha XD

And yeaah now we know more about Alex!! Whatcha thinkk?
MaliceInTheAbyss Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Alex. :(
GrimtalesRachel Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
Yep, he'll be fiiine.
MaliceInTheAbyss Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sad Cutecookies Mascot 
GrimtalesRachel Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
My friend told me
"Btw what's with Alex and Minnie getting fucked over?"
I answered with
But, actually, plot. It's for the plot. THE PLOT DAMMIT XD
MaliceInTheAbyss Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:XD: Damn you, plot!
GrimtalesRachel Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
Also, character backstory, story arcs and development~
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